The Dreamscape Box

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Welcome to my box, Dreamscapes by Emily Skinner! I've really enjoyed filling this box with products that are meaningful to me. 

If you want to be surprised about what's inside stop scrolling!!


Want a peek inside?  See below & let your dreams set sail. 

SURPRISE!  Here's what's inside...

Custom Journal

Customized journal

Cast your dreams in this custom journal designed by Emily’s sister, Lauren Skinner.  Dreams are precious gifts as they tend to show you a lot about your inner self and feelings. Emily’s hope is that this journal will become a place for you to record your dreams and provide a special place to come back to for years to come.  


Boho Bandeau

Boho Bandeau by Natural Life 

Everyone loves the Boho Bandeau and all the different ways to wear them! They are so cute and casual! They don't slip on your head and are perfect for bad hair days, exercise, the beach, backpacking and even underneath a sundress as a bandeau!


Moon Tray

Moon Tray 

Could anything be more dreamlike than the moon?  Use this handmade, wooden moon tray to store your crystal collection or as a super cute accent to your room.  

Yin-Yang necklace

The Yin-Yang symbol is ancient and symbolizes balance. Ying-Yang jewelry shows that two opposing forces can reside in harmony. Wearing this necklace shows others that you strive to live a balanced life and also serves as a reminder to yourself to stay on that personal path of balance.



Whenever in need of a comforting scent, burn your incense from your Dreamscape by Emily Skinner box.  Many use incense for spreading a good vibe, during prayer or meditation, or simply to fill a space with calm.  

Incense holder

Use this gorgeous incense burner to safely burn your incense sticks and get yourself into a dreamy state.  Made of wood with brass inlay is the perfect accent to your vibey room.   


Sister’s artwork on canvas & hanger

This colorful, cool, one of a kind, piece of artwork was also made by Lauren, Emily’s sister.  Printed on canvas and attached to a wooden hanger, this 5x7 masterpiece comes ready to spread some peace and hang in your room. 

Scarf by Matr Boomie 

This vibrant scarf is sure to become one of your favorites and will spread cheer wherever you go.  Feel good knowing, as this scarf wraps around you like a hug, that the purchase of this scarf supports Matr Boomie. Matr Boomie works with over 20,000 artisans across India.  In addition to paying a fair wage, they work to improve the resources available such as healthcare, education, water and energy. 

Amethyst cluster 

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification; cleansing one's energy field of negative influences and attachments. This cluster crystal will add so much beauty to your dreamscape.


One last thing...

I have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds of each box sale to Charity: Water which is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to provide drinking water to people in developing nations. When you purchase my box, feel good knowing that you helped people have access to clean water which changes everything. Just $40 means clean water for 1 person! 


Thanks for your support & for helping me help so many!